• Mission and Goals


    Middle College is an alternative education collaboration between the Tri-Valley Regional Occupational Program and Las Positas College. Middle College provides a supportive, academically rigorous environment for self-directed learners looking for a non-traditional collegiate pathway. Middle College gives students an opportunity to achieve high school and college academic success, to explore and pursue vocational and career aspirations, and to prepare themselves for future college experiences in a supportive, academically-challenging environment. Working in collaboration with Las Positas College, Middle College students pursue post-secondary goals through a highly engaging instructional program that is based on critical thinking, collaboration, and effective communication.


    The goals of Middle College include . . .
    • helping students adequately prepare themselves for college;
    • helping students adequately prepare themselves for a career;
    • exposing students to several career opportunities and courses not available to typical high school students;
    • providing students the support services needed to be successful in high school and college courses;
    • giving students a solid foundation for “life as a college student”;
    • emphasizing that college can be “for all students”;
    • giving underrepresented minority students an opportunity to pursue higher education.