• Community Classroom (CC) is an instructional methodology which utilizes unpaid internship experiences at business, industry, and public agency sites to assist students in acquiring competencies necessary to acquire entry-level employment. 

    Tri-Valley ROP offers the following Community Classroom opportunities:

    • Sports Medicine

    • Developmental Psychology of Children

    • Nursing Careers

    • Medical Occupations

    This experience often leads to paid positions and students can transition from Community Classroom into Cooperative Vocational Education as outlined below:

    Cooperative Vocational Education (CVE) is an instructional methodology which correlates concurrent, formal vocational classroom instruction with regularly scheduled, paid training experience. CVE assists students in developing and refining occupational competencies needed to acquire, adjust to and advance in an occupation.

    Tri-Valley ROP offers the following Cooperative Vocational Education opportunities:

    • Integrated Marketing Communications

    • Economics of Business Ownership

    • Sports and Entertainment Marketing

    In ROP, community classroom (CC) and cooperative vocational education (CVE) have proven to be extremely effective methods of instruction and are unique in that they provide a combination of related classroom instruction and paid or unpaid instruction in a business/industry setting. CC and CVE internship methodologies take place at many business and industry sites throughout the county. Their purpose is to expand occupational training opportunities by utilizing existing sites and facilities other than those of the traditional classroom.