• Class Description

    This is an advanced course in child development and education. Students increase their knowledge, experience, and job skills at an internship placement. Advanced projects further develop skills. Students will focus on: observation of children and programs; communicating with children, staff, and parents; planning age-appropriate curriculum; and understanding the history, theories, philosophies, and legal aspects of careers related to children.

    Internship: Internship is a required component of the program and students must provide their own transportation. Students in Co-op may earn up to five additional credits per high school semester or trimester.

  • Class Logistics

    CampusTo be determined by registration

    Course Length: 1 Year / 2 Periods

    High School Credits: 20

    Potential College Credits: 6

    Fulfills a-g: "g"

    Certificate Earned: California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC), Early Childhood Assistant, CPR Certification

  • For Students Interested In

    ... learning about child development and exploring careers working with children such as teaching, occupational therapy, speech pathology, psychology, child nutrition, and more.

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