The Benefits of ROP Programs

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    Tri-Valley ROP | Benefits of ROP

    Students Benefit

    • Workbound and collegebound ROP students are able to explore careers.  (Training in 27 career fields offered.)

    • ROP students gain a better understanding of how academics relate to careers.

    • ROP students find out if they excel in a particular occupation before investing additional time and resources.

    • ROP students acquire valuable practical experience and professional contacts in their field of interest.

    • ROP alumni are able to effectively compete in the job market.

    • ROP alumni can earn a living while pursuing additional/higher education.

    • ROP students can work towards earning a high school diploma and college credits.


    Schools Benefit

    • ROP helps increase the graduation rate, and may contribute to a reduction in the high school dropout rate.

    • ROP provides career academic curriculum which may assist students with passing the high school exit exam.

    • Some ROP staff work on high school campuses and serve as a valuable faculty resource.


    Employers Benefit

    • Employers can draw from a pool of skilled workers.

    • Employers (who serve as an ROP internship site) can see peoples' work skills before hiring them.

    • Employers can shape education and impact the economy by offering advice on ROP curriculum.

    • Employers can reduce labor turnover, absenteeism, and on-the-job injuries by employing ROP's well-trained alumni.

    • Employers gain recognition for their dedication to education.


    Communities Benefit

    • ROP helps reduce the unemployment rate through training and job placement efforts.  The program generates more wage earners, increasing the number of taxpayers directly supporting their local community.

    • ROP helps reduce the number of people relying on welfare and public assistance funds.

    • ROP training is tuition-free and available to people of all economic levels.

    • CAROCP (California Association of Regional Occupational Centers/Programs) is a statewide professional organization that helps the 72 statewide ROCP's meet community needs.  Business leaders are encouraged to join.