Tri-Valley Pathways

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    Tri-Valley Pathways
     is an organization which seeks to connect high school students to regional employers who would provide meaningful workplace learning opportunities. These experiences allow students to fast track their personal and career goals and offers an incentive to complete their education. Employers gain the ability to strengthen their future workforce, make an impact in the lives of the students, and gain important exposure within the community. For more information about Tri-Valley Pathways click HERE.

    This page is designed to give employers the necessary information in understanding Work-Based Learning, the benefits to both student and employer, and the different types of opportunities for which Work Based Learning can be demonstrated.

    What is Work-Based Learning?

    Work-Based Learning is an educational strategy that provides students with real life work experiences where they can apply their academic, technical, and employability skills.​

    Work-Based Learning activities extend the classroom into the workplace, connecting acquired knowledge and skills to student's future employment.
    Why Choose Work-Based Learning?

    • Benefits to Students. Work-Based Learning can help students improve academically. It helps them learn how the things they learn in the classroom are connected to the real world. Students build awareness of potential careers in a particular industry and are able to explore options and start preparing for their future.
    • Benefits to Employers. Work-Based Learning helps employers reduce their recruitment and training costs. It also helps them hire better prepared employees who understand workplace expectations. Employers are also able to expose the community to their business and industry, and benefit from productive work.
    • Benefits to Schools. Work-Based Learning can improve student motivation, attendance, and graduation rates. It can also improve the school's relationship with the community.


What are the different types of Work Based Learning Opportunities?

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