• Honors Artist Portfolio

  • Class Description

    The Honors Artist Portfolio course is a challenging course that focuses on building a body of work for student’s professional portfolios. Successful students will demonstrate their development of technical skills and application of the elements and principles of art. The class will focus on the strengthening of independent thinking and creativity, the development of personal style and technique, as well as critical thinking skills through problem-solving. This course is designed for students who are committed to improving their skills in visual art and are planning to take AP Studio Art and/or pursue art in college and career.

    Coursework will expose students to art through history from international cultures and movements. Students will do written analysis and critique of their own art and other artists, and review/respond to a current gallery or museum exhibition. During the class, students will write formal self and group critiques, analysis and statements about artwork. Throughout the school year, Honors Artist Portfolio students will participate in preparing and exhibiting their work publicly.

  • Class Logistics

    Campus: Dublin High

    Course Length: 1 Year / 1 Period

    High School Credits: Varies

    Potential College Credits: No

    Fulfills a-g: "f"

    Certificate Earned: No

  • For Students Interested In

    ... deepening and practicing more of the skills learned in previous art classes such as Video Game Art & Design and Animation & Motion Graphics.

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