• Honors Civil Engineering & Architecture

  • Class Description

    Civil engineering has a significant role in the life of every human being, though one may not truly sense its importance in our daily routines. Architecture is the art / practice of designing and constructing buildings. To help students explore these career fields, students learn about various aspects of civil engineering and architecture and apply their knowledge to the design and development of residential and commercial properties and structures. In addition, students use 3D design software to design and document solutions for major course projects. Students communicate and present solutions to their peers and members of a professional community of engineers and architects. This course is a specialization-level course designed to follow the Project Lead the Way Engineering foundation courses.

  • Class Logistics

    Campus: Amador Valley High & Livermore High

    Course Length: 

    AVHS: 1 Year / 1 Period

    LHS: 2 Trimesters / 1 Period

    High School Credits: 10

    Potential College Credits: No

    Fulfills a-g: "d"

    Certificate Earned: No

  • For Students Interested In

    ... studying the design and construction of residential and commercial building projects and learning about careers in the industry.

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