• Sport Entertainment Marketing

  • Class Description

    Learn what it takes to have a career in the field of sports and entertainment. Through focus instruction on the concepts and strategies of the sports and entertainment world students discover the elements of professional, college and amateur sports to their related sports products. Students will plan and utilize market research; develop promotion and marketing materials for sports and entertainment events; and improve leadership skills through co-curricular participation in the Career and Technical Student Organization, DECA (www.deca.org). DECA is an integral component to this program and provides additional focus on developing written and oral presentation that will build self-confidence for college and career success. Students have the opportunity for internships with professional sports and entertainment organizations.

    * Students who are employed in a related field in which the course curriculum is directly associated to the students “on-the-job” experience are eligible to receive variable credits based on the number of hours worked. Students earn 1 credit for every 18 hours they work, between 10-30 credits per semester. Students are encouraged to work 10-15 hours per week at teacher approved sites in the Tri-Valley area with their current job, or employment leads and guidance provided.

    Note: students must provide their own transportation.

  • Class Logistics

    Campus: Dublin High & Foothill High

    Course Length: 1 Year / 1 Period

    High School Credits: 10

    Potential College Credits: 4

    Fulfills a-g: "g"

    Certificate EarnedNo

  • For Students Interested In

    ... developing an understanding of marketing concepts and theories that apply to sports, entertainment and business.

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