Degrees and Certifications:

Animation & Motion Graphics

Animation students develop their mastery of the skills required to be a professional digital graphic artist or animator. Animation and Motion Graphics combines theory, such as the 12 Principles of Animation, with the knowledge to expertly navigate and use the various digital design programs. Throughout the year, we will be using Adobe Photoshop for digital editing and pre-production, followed by ToonBoom Harmony for our 2D Animation or Autodesk Maya for our 3D work. Students learn the steps of working through a professional animation work-flow, working on our new iMac workstations daily and with access to our assortment of Wacom drawing tablets. Projects from this class are shared through internet media such as YouTube, for purposes of leaving the class with a final portfolio of your work to show to possible employers or college institution.

Students may also complete the Autodesk Certified User and Adobe Certified Associate certification exams.

Dublin High
Course Length: 1 Year / 2 Periods
High School Credits: 20
Potential College Credits: PENDING
Certificate Earned:  Prepares students for the Adobe Certified Associate and Autodesk Certified User
(Dublin High School is a testing center for Certiport)