• Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Middle College?
    Middle College at Las Positas College is a unique collaboration between Las Positas College, the Tri-Valley Regional Occupational Program, Dublin Unified School District, Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District, and Pleasanton Unified School District. Through this alternative high school program, students have the opportunity to obtain a rigorous high school education while concurrently earning college credits. Middle College is an innovative pathway to college and career readiness that integrates high school, college, and career training on a community college campus.

    Who is eligible to apply?
    Middle College accepts student applications for current 10th grade students, as well as a limited number of 11th graders.  Those interested in applying are encouraged to apply as soon as the application becomes available as space is limited to a cohort of 70 students. (Applications will be available in mid-January).

    Potential Middle College students may be characterized by any of the following:

    • Seeks intellectual stimulation found in a rigorous curriculum

      Desires a more mature learning environment

    • Demonstrates the maturity to cope with the challenges and relative freedom of a college environment

    • Holds a sincere conviction in the importance of education, but does not value the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the traditional high school

    Are there minimum application requirements?
    Students must be academically eligible and not credit deficient. 

    How many classes do Middle College students take?
    All Middle College students can take up to 11 college units a semester in addition to their high school courses. 

    Do students have to pay to attend Middle College?
    Middle College students do not pay Las Positas College for the courses they take through Middle College.

    Do students need to reside within participating school district boundaries?
    Yes. Only students who have registered and attend a Dublin Unified, Livermore Valley Joint Unified, and Pleasanton Unified School District school, will be eligible to interview.

    What are the admission requirements?
    In order to effectively address student performance/needs and determine which students benefit most from the program, candidates must complete an Application for Admission. All students who have completed the 10th grade and are registered in one of the participating school districts are eligible for admission. In order to be considered for admission students should not be credit deficient.

    What high school will be listed on my diploma?
    All diplomas will be conferred by the sending high school.

    Will I have a graduation ceremony?
    Middle College will host a commencement ceremoney for Middle College graduates. Middle College graduates may also attend the commencement ceremony of their home high school.

    How many college classes can I take?
    Students, by law, are allowed to take no more than 11.0 college credits a semester. In practice, students need to take 6 -9 credits a semester. 

    May I take on-line classes?
    Students who wish to take on-line classes must have successfully completed a full semester of traditional classes and obtain permission from the principal and parent/guardian.

    How will the credit from the college classes be counted in the high school?
    A typical 3 credit college class translates to 10 high school credits.  College classes that are more than 3 credits can translate to as many as 15 high school credits.

    Will my credits transfer to another college?
    Depending on the course work, most credits will transfer to other colleges and universities. The student should always check with the college or university they choose to attend.

    Will Middle College hurt/help my chances in getting into a four-year university?
    Middle College follows the A-G subject requirements. Many colleges and universities are familiar with the concept of middle college programs, and some even weight the college courses taken by high school students.

    Do you offer AP classes in the high school?
    We do not offer AP courses at Middle College High School. AP classes are designed to allow students to earn college credit and show themselves ready for college-level work while still in high school. The college classes students take serve both of those purposes.

    What is the typical schedule of a Middle College student?
    The Middle College does not follow the same daily schedule as the traditional high school. Thus, each student has a different schedule based on the days and times of his/her college classes. High school classes will be daily. All students will take high school English and history.

    Who teaches the classes?
    High School classes are taught by high school teachers and only include high school students. College courses are taught by college instructors and will have college students in them.

    Can Middle College students participate in high school athletic programs?
    Yes, you will be able to participate in any extracurricular activities of your home high school as long as they do not conflict with class times for the high school or college. All Middle College students may participate in clubs and student activities on campus at Las Positas College.

    If I start the program as a junior, will I have to reapply for my senior year?
    Upon being admitted to Middle College, you will remain until graduation, as long as you meet the academic and discipline standards.

    What type of support is offered?
    Students will be given one-on-one support with their high school classes; they meet with Middle College staff members several times a semester to check in on their progress. Further support in academics and personal time management is provided when needed. The college support services, which include tutoring in math and writing and health and counseling services, are also available to all Middle College students.

    Will transportation be provided?
    Transportation will not be provided. Students' LPC ID is a valid city bus pass.